gonzaga bulldogs

Gonzaga Bulldogs and Killian Tillie are on FIRE. The Zags shot 18-of-28 (64 percent), including 8-of-14 (57 percent) from 3-point range to beat the Dons 88-60.
Missed Call To Blame For Zags Loss?
In a game that got hard to watch for even the most invested fan due to a seemingly non-stop whistle-blowing fest, it was ultimately a MISSED call that may have sealed the Gonzaga Bulldogs fate in last night's loss to North Carolina.
Zags Heeled Down Stretch
In the end, the glass slipper was just a half-size too big for the Gonzaga Bulldogs as their shot at the shoool's first-ever National Championship in men's basketball fell short to top-seeded North Carolina, 71-65.

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