A dad on Reddit revealed the surprisingly heartwarming reason he's "jealous" his young son wets the bed.

"I woke up this morning and found my 6-year-old on the sofa, fully dressed and ready for school… an hour before he's supposed to be up," the man explained in his Reddit post.

"I ask, 'Hey buddy, what are you doing up so early?' He replies, 'I accidentally peed the bed this morning around like 4 and I tried to wake you up but couldn’t so I took my blankets off, put them by the laundry room and changed. Then I came out here,'" he continued.

The understanding father told his son not to worry about it and thanked him for cleaning up the mess. He also reassured the boy that "accidents happen" and advised him to use the bathroom before bed.

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"Then he got up and got breakfast, I made coffee and I sat there and thought to myself... 'I’m jealous of this kid.' It then reminded me of being around his age as a child, and I remember wetting the bed. But my first instinct wasn’t to wake my parents. Hell no. They would’ve beat the s--t out of me," the man shared.

He noted that he would also try to clean up his own mess, but only because he was "terrified" of his parents' reactions.

"My son doesn’t have to live with that kind of fear. Instead he tried to get me and when I didn’t wake up, he took care of it himself. And I wish I felt that sense of safety and reassurance when I was his age," he concluded.

Reddit users in the comments applauded the man for being a good dad and raising a great kid.

"We can't change how we grew up, but we can make sure our children have a better time than us. Seems like you're doing a good job of it so far," one person wrote.

"It is the best revenge we can get from childhood trauma. And the cherry on the top is to raise kids far better than they did. All rage, violence and punishment couldn't create such great kids that are conscious, kind and responsible," another commented.

"Protecting our young has always been the job, over time we learn what that really means. Oftentimes it means being the shield we wish we had. Keep it up Pops!" someone else weighed in.

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