On Reddit, a stay-at-home dad is being called a "slob" after he revealed he refuses to meet the average cleaning standards his wife has asked of him.

The man, who has been married for three years and is a stay-at-home dad for their two young children while his wife works 40-80 hours per week, always knew his wife was "extremely clean."

"She is the reason why our house looks like a model home. She hates dishes in the sink while I'm content to let them sit for a couple of days. She spends her off days scrubbing bathrooms because, in her mind, they should be cleaned weekly. She doesn't let me bring my shoes inside and insists I shower immediately when I get home before laying in bed," he wrote in his post.

"She wants the children to have a bath every day, and I think every 1-3 days is fine. She wants all of their toys put away by the end of the day, and I think there is no point when it will be a mess again," he continued.

However, it's not just the kid-related chores that the man can't seem to keep up with.

"She wants the dishes done daily. She wants all house bedding washed weekly. She wants me to vacuum weekly. She wants me to mop every 3-4 days since, in her logic, the kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor," he griped.

Unwilling to put the work in to keep their home tidy, he admitted his slacking has resulted in his wife coming home to a dirty house, which she then takes up cleaning on her days off.

Things recently reached a boiling point, however, when she came home one day to dirty dishes in the sink, grease and food on the countertops, and the trash can at the end of the driveway.

"She flew off the handle calling me lazy and a slob," the husband wrote, explaining she has now asked him to return to work and wants to hire a housekeeper and nanny who won't "leave the kids in pjs all day."

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the husband for his weaponized incompetence and defended the wife's cleaning expectations as "fairly average" standards.

"You're a stay-at-home father. All the stuff you listed that she wants are normal things an adult does. Your standards are too low ... Bathe your f---ing kids," one user wrote.

"...He's a lousy SAHD, and overall that's disgusting... She's listing BASIC stuff! When he said she's a clean freak, I expected toothbrush cleaning the bathroom 3× a day. This is BASELINE REQUIREMENTS," another commented.

"Her cleaning habits are fairly average. You're just a slob," someone else shared.

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