Reddit is backing a woman who feels insulted after her in-laws refuse to pronounce her name correctly.

The woman, named Farrah, has been with her husband for nearly six years, and they recently welcomed their first child. She explained she has a "slightly unusual name," however, she has become accustomed to correcting people who might struggle to pronounce it.

"I always try to be polite and nonchalant about it," she wrote, adding that her typical approach is to say, "Oh, it's pronounced like Sarah but with an F!"

However, her husband's family always says her name wrong, and it's beginning to feel intentional.

"His mom mispronounced it for the better part of the first year we dated, and his dad has always misspelled it. They are divorced, and both have new partners who have no issues getting it right," Farrah shared.

"His grandma mispronounced it several times at our wedding. I try to be understanding that it's not a common name, but it feels insulting at this point in our relationship," she added.

Now, Farrah is wondering if she should continue to correct them or just let it go.

"I'm hovering between it's just a name and who cares," she wrote, admitting that it bothers her when she sees her name blatantly misspelled on family Facebook posts or text messages.

"I'm not sure I can be polite about it anymore. I feel like I lose some of my sanity every time it happens, but is it worth possibly being rude over something so silly? My husband does correct them in person, and if they misspell it in a text to him," she added.

In the comments section, Reddit users shared their own experiences and slammed the family for being "disrespectful."

"Correct them. If people can pronounce Tchaikovsky, they can pronounce your name. I have a name that is incredibly common for British women my age. My in-laws spell it wrong, and it is like a knife scraping across a plate," one person wrote.

"At this point, if you have corrected them several times, it's just disrespectful. Send your partner's parents a picture of you, him, and the baby with your names engraved on the frame. (Maybe with the pronunciation of your name in parentheses)," another commented.

"There's a lot that points to them doing it on purpose since you've been together with your husband for so long. I would just start mispronouncing their names, but then again, this situation would make me petty," someone else suggested.

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