Reddit is furious after a widow's parents asked her to use her late husband's life insurance policy to pay off their mortgage since she and her husband lived with them while he was sick.

Posting on Reddit, the widow revealed her 26-year-old husband died in December 2022 and left her with his life insurance policy.

"I was only expecting a couple thousand dollars but the payout turned out to be substantial. My husband was sick for a very long time and toward the end I needed help and my parents offered to help me and allowed us to move into their home," she wrote.

"Now that my husband has died and I have money, my parents are expecting me to use all the funds I received to pay off their mortgage," she continued.

The woman shared that she knows if she pays off their mortgage, her parents will never repay her.

"My mother fully expects me to do this for them. When the check arrived the first thing out of her mouth was 'you can pay off the house,' the second thing was '$300,000 is the price of your freedom.' In truth, I don’t want to. I have a bad feeling about it and while I am extremely thankful for their help, this feels disproportionate," she continued.

The grieving widow explained that she and her late husband moved in "less than a year ago." They paid "rent" and even helped with the "utilities and groceries."

"The car I drive to and from work is under my dad’s name and the very first thing I did was pay it off," she added.

Though her parents are "confident" they are "owed" the money," the woman feels "uncomfortable" with what they are asking her to do.

"I have aspirations of purchasing my own home and putting money aside for retirement. I am not opposed to, and I will happily, give them some money to show my gratitude but the idea of giving them the full amount creates a pit in my stomach," she concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the woman's parents.

"'The price of freedom' Are they your jailers? I would honestly move out while they are at work. Move out. Run. Don’t allow them anywhere near that money. That money is from your husband for your future! You paid rent and utilities. You owe them nothing. Move out now. Tomorrow. Move. Run. Get away from them," one person wrote.

"There isn't any context that this isn't absolutely disgusting. Tomorrow is too late. [You] should get a hotel if they need to, get out now," another commented.

"They charged you RENT as your husband was dying and expect you to pay off their mortgage. Sweet Jesus. They weren’t married to your husband! They’re entitled to NOTHING. Just find another place to live and tell them as you move out. They won’t speak to you for a while, but who cares? You can tell them you’re unwilling to make a major expense until your husband has been gone for a year. They’re really taking advantage of you," another shared.

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