A woman shared that her future sister-in-law is furious because she and her partner, who got engaged after them, are getting married the same year as her.

The woman explained on Reddit that she and her fiancé have "been together for six years." They got engaged last year, just a few months after her future brother-in-law and his fiancée.

"They are a couple years older than us but have been together the same amount of time. When I was first on the scene dating my now fiancé, my future [sister-in-law] didn’t like me. She was annoyed I was dating my SO because she wanted to set him up with her best friend but he didn’t like her," the woman wrote via Reddit.

"They invited us over to their house two weeks after they got engaged to ask my SO to be part of the groomsmen and that’s when [future sister-in-law] asked when we would look at getting engaged/married. My SO said by the end of year and she said 'well just make sure it isn’t within 6 months of us' and laughed like it was a joke, but she wasn’t joking," she continued.

When she and her partner got engaged, her future sister-in-law started acting cold toward her.

"We got engaged five months after them, a month before her 'required amount' and she was pissed. My SO only called his brother and parents to announce our engagement while [future sister-in-law] was at work so she didn’t get to be part of it. She rang my SO five times the night we got engaged and he ignored her," the woman recalled.

The woman continued to pepper them with questions about when they would get married, but she and her partner ignored her — until she cornered the woman at a birthday party.

"She didn’t congratulate us but went straight in with the questions. She asked me when we were planning on getting married and I told her some time end of this year, maybe September (2023). Their wedding is June (2023). She then said 'why are you wanting to get married so fast, are you pregnant?'" the woman shared.

The future sister-in-law asked the woman how she could afford a wedding, including how much her parents would be chipping in. Eventually, the woman snapped and told her, "Enough!"

"That’s barely touching the amount of questions she asked me that day but it’s all a blur. I’m trying not to let her ruin my excitement for our future wedding with my SO," she concluded.

In the comments section, users sided with the woman and slammed her future sister-in-law.

"Holy crap, she sounds annoying and controlling. Imagine how she would react if you guys had the audacity to have a baby in the same year as her," one person wrote.

"I think it’s safe to say that she needs to know exactly zero details about anything that you’re planning!" another shared.

"If there's ever a reason to put future sister-in-law on an info diet, for the foreseeable indefinite future, this is it. What's next, you can't have a baby, baby shower etc. before her? Ignore her, plan your wedding, future and live your best life," someone else commented.

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