Do You Tip? Top Buffets Still Running in the Yakima Valley

The last time I was at a buffet was before COVID. My daughter, Willow, was 8 at the time and we ate at Minado Buffet with Kira, one of her best friends and her mom, who is one of my closest bffs in the Yakima Valley.

We let our daughters enjoy themselves at the buffet to the hilt. They kept making ice cream bowl trips and piling their buffet plates high with fruits, noodles, and dim sum. I couldn't believe it, but they ate everything on their plates! My friend and I were sure to make certain a big tip got left behind for the staff!

Some people in the Yakima Valley wonder, are you supposed to tip at a buffet?

Best Buffets in the Yakima Valley
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Of course, you do! A buffet is just like any other restaurant whose employees thrive on tips in most cases. To deny buffet restaurant waitstaff, table bus servers, and cooks a tip is inhumane to me.

The next time you go to a buffet, please leave a great tip! I typically leave at least a 20% tip no matter where I go but that's just me.

Here are the top 3 local buffets to indulge in the Yakima Valley.

Legends Casino Hotel

580 Fort Rd, Toppenish

They are Valley-wide famous for their seafood buffet on Thursday nights.

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Minado Buffet

501 N Front St, Yakima

World Bistro Asian Buffet

2616 W Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima


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