Ag News: Big Pigs in China and Bitter Pit Sensors
**In a desperate move to make up for losses from African Swine Fever, some Chinese pig farmers are raising pigs as big as polar bears.
According to, some of these giant pigs are crossing the scale around 1,100 pounds and can sell for nearly $1,400, more than three times the average monthly …
Cougs Downed Late In Desert
A play reminiscent of another Arizona quarterback making an amazing run to end the hopes of another Washington football team, Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels busted off a 17-yard scramble to score a touchdown with just :44 seconds remaining to propel the Sun Devils to a 38-34 comeback win o…
Ag News: Romaine Task Force
The final report from the Romaine Task Force, started in the wake of several outbreaks traced to the lettuce, is far from over, but recommendations could come by December.

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