The 15 Best Yakima Valley LUNCH DATE Restaurants

I love going to lunch in Yakima with my girl friends! It gives my work week a little extra sparkle when I know that I will be having lunch with a friend. The only stressy part is trying to figure out which restaurant I will recommend we eat. It's so hard to decide where to eat because there are so many delicious restaurants to have lunch in Yakima Valley, whether you're eating in Selah, Toppenish, Union Gap, or even within Yakima city limits.

I decided to make a list of great places in Yakima to have lunch with a friend (or even a hot date) so that the next time I get asked to go, I’ll already have a handy list at the ready. I am hoping my list will be great for you, too. Save yourself from going back and forth in a conversation of, “What do you want to eat?” “Oh, I don’t care, where would you like to go?”

*Please Note: These recommendations are in no particular order!

15 best yakima valley lunch restaurants

15 Best Lunch Restaurants in Yakima Valley

1. Bangkok OMG Thai Restaurant 

1901 S 1st St

2. Erik the Mercedes Kid 

7 N Front St

3. New York Teriyaki 

822 N 1st St

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4. Zullee Mediterranean (formerly Kabob House) 

2706 W Nob Hill Blvd

5. Xochimilco Tequila Bar 2 

2529 Main St, Suite D-24 in Union Gap

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6. Antojitos Mexicanos Restaurant 

3512 Summitview Ave

7. Geet Indian Cuisine 

1219 N 1st St

8. Sumo Hibachi and Sushi 

111 E Yakima Ave

9. Legends Casino Hotel Lunch Buffet

580 Fort Rd in Toppenish

10. Teppanyaki Box 

1380 N 1st St, Suite A in Selah

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11. El Mirador 2

1601 E Yakima Ave

12. Tea Garden 

110 S 4th St

13. Essencia Artisan Bakery 

4 N 3rd St

14. Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

1504 E Washington Ave in Union Gap

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15. Red Lobster

905 N 1st St

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