It's the Holidays and thieves are looking for anything to steal. From home burglaries to vehicle thefts, Yakima Police know property crime increases during the holiday season.

The Safecam program is open to both residents and business owners

Authorities however have created a way that you can help your neighborhood or the area where your business in located. Police are hoping if you have a security camera that you'll help them solve crime by signing up for the Yakima Police Department's SafeCam program. Capt. Jay Seely says if you have a video security camera at your home or your business you can help people solve crimes in your area.

If you sign up you agree to help police by retrieving your video

Registration is voluntary and police will not have remote access to your camera.
All you have to do is register your camera and answer a few simple questions.
A news release says using the geographic locations of the registered cameras, the Department will be able to ask people to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time of when the incident happened in their area. If helpful video is found you would contact police so they could retrieve the video and maybe solve a crime.

It's free and easy to sign up

You can find information about the safecam program at
Seely says the security cameras have played a large role in many gang related arrests made so far this year as well as many other crimes. In fact security cameras recently helped police arrest a man wanted for three downtown burglaries.

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