Are you ages 14 years and up and are good with a circular saw? That's the question our friends at the Yakima Greenway have for you.

The pandemic shut down put a halt to many Yakima Valley families venturing out to the parks and playgrounds, but now that things are back to opening up, the kids need some places to run around and burn off some of that youthful energy. Three of the Yakima area Rotary Clubs are pitching in to fund the new playground along with the Yakima Rotary Trust funds.

Set your calendars for June 21st through the 27th to volunteer for the rebuild of the legendary McGuire Playground. This is the one that is along the Greenway Trail near the old Gazebo. Leathers has kindly put together a mock-up of what the vision is for the playground upgrades.

McGuire Playground Mock-up
Leathers via

Local fun fact: the McGuire Playground is 28 years old! It's overdue for some sprucing up for the kids.

The volunteer form asks if you are handy with a circular saw and other power tools or not, so be sure to mark that down on the volunteer survey accordingly.

For a $50 donation, you can even pay for a "personalized message" one of the sponsored fencing posts that will encompass the playground.

Some fun features of the new and improved romping space is a twisty slide, a rock wall, and a tractor (with a slide). FUN!

As mentioned, volunteers need to be at least 14 years old and up to participate in the rebuild.

To volunteer, fill out this form here.

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