**Elsie, the iconic spokescow for Borden dairy, is getting a makeover.

The new look Elsie is part of a new marketing campaign with the tagline “Glass Half-Full Since 1857.”

Borden chief marketing officer, Joe DePetrillo tells agweb.com research showed Elsie represents pure joy and optimism for American families.

Elsie is still the cartoon Jersey cow consumers have loved on Borden products since 1936, with a slightly more modern look.

**A U.S. court has barred Bud Light creators Anheuser Busch from using marketing that suggests rival MillerCoors uses corn syrup in the final production of its light beers.

According to agriculture.com, the ruling follows a controversial one-minute Bud Light commercial that aired during the Superbowl in February, that shamed Miller Lite and Coors Light for containing corn syrup.

Federal court judge William Conley ruled in favor of MillerCoors for false advertising and misuse of the Miller and Coors trademarks.

**IBM is forging into the global ag industry, using predictive technology to provide solutions for farmers everywhere.

Agwired.com reports, IBM announced the global expansion of Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, with AI technology tailored for new crops and specific regions to help feed a growing population.

For the first time, IBM is providing a global ag solution that combines predictive technology with data from The Weather Company and IoT data to help give farmers greater insights about planning, plowing, planting, spraying and harvesting.

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