This past Thursday night Davis picked up their third win over Moses Lake on the season, except this time they punched their ticket to the district championship. Here are some news and notes coming out of Davis' 77-65 win.

Collin Kelley 1000

During Collin Kelley's four year run at Davis, he has witnessed three men get their 1000 points. All Collin wanted was to be to be apart of that group.

Mid-way through the first quarter, Kelley hit an average mid-range shot and the crowd erupted like it was the Finals. Play stopped for several minutes as Collin Kelley was honored at mid-court.

"Getting 1000 was a goal of mine, but my biggest goal is to win a State Championship, that would be the ultimate closure," Collin Kelley said in between photo-ops.

Doing some basic math, you'd have to average 13 points a game for four straight years just for a shot at 1000. That's counting on you never missing a game.

It's rare you get to witness such a monumental achievement, the fans at Davis High appreciated the moment as much as Collin Kelley did.

Jose Reyes' Got Next

Jose Reyes is a starting guard for Davis, he just happens to be a freshman. As he stood in the distance watching Kelley sign autographs and take pictures, I asked him if it was inspiring in any way.

"Honestly it is, that looked like a really cool moment to have. It makes me want to do the things he's done," said the charismatic freshman.

Perhaps in 2021, Jose Reyes will be standing there with his 1000 points game ball.


Brock Williams Timetable

Davis Guard Brock Williams scored 17 points and hit five three-pointers on Thursday night. But received a scare in the fourth quarter when he fell on his ankle.

"That was one of the best games I've ever had, I think it was my career high. I felt I played really good tonight," said Brock Williams on the trainers table.

The initial diagnosis is good news. A rolled ankle with a bit of swelling, but nothing that will keep him out of the district championship this Saturday.

The end for Moses Lake 

It sucks to see anyone's season end, especially a team that worked has hard as Moses Lake. The Big Nine conference works off the single-game elimination format, so Moses Lake will not get a chance at redemption.

The seniors for Moses Lake are Gio Walker, Zach Phillips, and Jordan Rios.

"That's a team that's put in the time themselves, and worked hard all year to advance. Fortunately for us we came out on top, and for them they came out with their heads high," said Davis Coach Eli Juarez.

The district championship takes place this Saturday between AC Davis and Sunnyside 6:00pm at Davis High School. A tip would be to get there early because it will be packed to the rafters.

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