The roar of the crowd has always been the soundtrack of sports. Whether it’s a hearty “De-FENSE!” chant in football, or a cascade of boos after a blown call in baseball...the crowd is the emotional heartbeat of any game. But now, with the coronavirus pandemic making crowds impossible...and MLB, NHL and NBA on the verge of returning to play...sports are suddenly going to sound completely different. And for athletes and fans alike, it’s going to take some getting used to. Mina Kimes chats with players, broadcasters, and writers from around the sports world about the impact of the sound of sports - before, during, and after the pandemic.
To combat the absence of fans in the stands, many organizations, including the Seattle Mariners, are allowing supporters to pay to have a virtual image of their likeness on a cardboard cutout placed in the stadium. In England, one bloke ponied up with the monies needed to put the notorious -- and deceased -- Osama Bin Laden in the crowd.

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