Two dairy cooperatives from the U.S. and Europe are looking at entering a partnership that would help market whey. reports, Arla Foods and Foremost Farms met in Denmark last month and formalized what could be become a partnership between the cooperatives Oct. 1.

The partnership would capitalize on Arla Foods’ extensive ingredient knowledge and strong sales channels, while utilizing high-quality whey from Foremost Farms.

While the trade war with China has impacted prices and profitability for many American farmers, some garlic growers see the dispute, and the new 10% tariff, as an opportunity.

Gilroy, California grower, Ken Christopher tells, even though the tariff will not equal out the prices, it will make it less profitable for Chinese growers and will make an impact when dealing in millions of pounds of garlic.

USDA data shows China produced 80% of the world’s garlic in 2016. The U.S. ranked 10th with 5%.

Progressive groups opposed to nutrition assistance cuts and environmental provisions in the House-passed farm bill say Congress would be better passing no new legislation unless it’s similar to the Senate version.

Food Policy Action executive director, Monica Mills tells Agri-Pulse, “No farm bill is better than a bad farm bill.”

The chair and ranking Democrats of the House and Senate Ag committees have been struggling to resolve a series of disputes, but remain committed to reaching an agreement Congress can consider after the November election.


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