If you have been itching to get out of town, perhaps even traveling outside of Washington state, did you know that if you have your Enhanced ID/Enhanced Driver's License you can travel to twenty places without having to get a passport or passport card? **NOTE: This travel benefit only applies if you are traveling by land or by sea! Native Americans can present tribal documents (get more info here).

I had heard that you can upgrade your regular Washington state driver's license for just 20 bucks, so I made my appointment online at the Department of Licensing office in Union Gap (2725 Rudkin Rd) and waited my turn in line. I had already filled out my initial application on the DOL website so all I had to do was bring along my Social Security Card and a copy of my birth certificate. It didn't take very long; I would say the whole process once I got to the DMV was no more than 30 minutes, if that. Not bad for a $20 upgrade!

The coolest part of the experience was once my picture was taken for my new enhanced ID, the clerk told me that I was now allowed to travel to Canada and Mexico with my new license! I did some research later and found out that we can also travel to United States Territories and a few spots in the Caribbean as well! Certain restrictions apply including some COVID-19-related precautions.

Where can you travel with an Enhanced ID?

  1. Domestically within the United States
  2. American Samoa
  3. Baker Island
  4. Howland Island
  5. Guam
  6. Jarvis Island
  7. Johnston Atoll
  8. Kingman Reef
  9. Midway Islands
  10. Navassa Island
  11. Northern Mariana Islands
  12. Palau
  13. Palmyra Atoll
  14. Puerto Rico
  15. US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas)
  16. Wake Island
  17. Mexico
  18. Canada
  19. Bermuda
  20. The Caribbean

**REMEMBER: You can use your Enhanced ID to travel by land and sea, but NOT by plane. For any kind of international air travel, you will need to secure either a NEXUS card (where applicable), a passport card, or a passport book.


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