Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is finally getting the just attention he deserves from the national sports media. It's hard to believe that it has taken as long as it has -- he's entering his 9th (!) season as the Hawks signal-caller -- especially for those of us that have watched him perform miraculous feats on the shore of Elliott Bay for nearly decade now.

This week's cover of Sports Illustrated features the the guy everyone called too short to be a big-time QB in the NFL. He is called "corny" and "robotic". He's  The cover story is titled "QB1 Of A Kind - The Art and Science of Making the Impossible... Routine". The pose that Wilson struck for the cover is, clearly, a reference to Leonardo DaVinci's "Vitruvian Man". In the video interview with Wilson, author Connor Orr gets Russell to admit that he is "just getting started" and fully expects to play for another -- get this -- FIFTEEN YEARS! If DangeRuss can, indeed, make it to the 2034 season, he will be 46 years old!

Personally, I wouldn't put it past him. I was in the 300-level at CenturyLink Field when RWIII led the Seahawks on the most amazing comeback I have ever seen in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers in 2014.

If you haven't subscribed to the motto, "In Russ We Trust" maybe now is a good time to start.

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