See yourself buzzing around town on a sporty scooter this spring? Smiling wide with a mouthful of restored teeth? Picking out pretty things with a gift certificate from a local jeweler?

And we're just getting started.


The bidding gets underway in earnest at 6 a.m. Monday (April 17) in next week's annual Seize the Deal online auction, but you can do all the window-shopping you want right now. Browse dozens of buys right here and be ready early to log your bid on the things you want most.

Trust us: You'll want to take your time looking over the list of deals, because there are a lot to choose from. Here are some of the businesses that are putting up goods or services this time around:

  • Speed Motor Sports
  • Hendo's Accessories
  • Smith Auto Repair & Electric
  • Italstone Marble & Granite
  • Meredith Furniture
  • Sunrise Dental
  • Parry Jeweler
  • B&C Sewing &Vacuum
  • The Village Shoppe
  • Bella Fiore Floral & Gift Shop
  • Christel Clear Photography
  • Inland Lighting
  • Bergeron Jewelers
  • Fact Driver Training Course
  • Anderson Rock & Demo Pit
  • Valley Mall

The quality's high, the prices are low -- the auction to go live first thing Monday morning, and the bidding closes at 7 p.m. sharp Friday (April 21).

Meantime, you've got some tire-kicking to do!



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