All of us are missing the NBA right now and, of course, sports in general. Fans of the Seattle SuperSonics have known this feeling since April 13, 2008 when they played their final home game before being moved to Oklahoma City.

While it has been 12 years ago this month from that fateful day, it was on this date in 1992, Shawn Kemp posterized Alton Lister

-- but that wasn’t the most disrespectful part. Kemp and Lister had gotten into it a few games earlier, so Kemp decided to cap his revenge by pointing at Lister and laughing. Beautiful and brutal, simultaneously.

As amazing as the dunk in this clip is, so is the play call by legendary broadcaster Kevin Calabro:
"...knocked away from behind, Ricky (Pierce) goes back to get it -- fires it cross-court, Kemp's got it right up into the alley -- POWER SLAM TOMAHAWK JAM! YEAAHHH, BABY!!! INTO LISTER'S FACE AND THE SONICS TAKE THE LEAD!"

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