Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young wants his boy Chris Brown to leave the damn neighborhood already after Breezy had the block hot with cops today (Aug. 30).

TMZ has a video of Nick Young saying Chris has to leave town after the cops have hovered around his crib all day because a girl called police and told them Chris pulled a gun on her. "Chris Brown, you gotta move," he jokes in the clip. "Go on, get away from over here! You makin' the block hot, buddy. You my friend and all...but you gotta go. Got SWAT teams and helicopters flying over my head, I'm thinking they're after me. We only have about five or six black people over here anyway [...] They gonna cut us short. I don't wana get cut short from over here, man. Please...I like you man, you my dog. Go!"

Nick's had plenty of his own drama to deal with after breaking up with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas was raising hell at Nick's house after the break-up, which allegedly happened because Nick was messing around with his previous baby mother. As for Iggy, looks like she's moved on – with French Montana.

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