2021 Cashmere (Wash.) point guard Mason Landdeck is one of the fastest rising players in the entire state.

The charismatic six foot sophomore is averaging a high quality 35 points per game. He already has three games with over 40 points in the young season.

Right now his Cashmere Bulldogs are 7-1, and they're puttting the entire state on notice.

“We’re averaging like 90 points a game right now,” Landdeck said. “We should be pretty good if we can get our defense together.”

The makeup of the 18-19 Cashmere Bulldogs is a little unorthodox. Four sophomores litter the starting lineup, including Landdeck.

To have that much youth, and still be ranked #4 in the RPI, is practically unheard of.

With teammates like 6-5 Carter Albers, and backcourt bros Nate and Sam Phillips, this team is going to be a state contender for years to come.

While Landdeck may only just now be turning into a mainstream name, he’s already accomplished a lot in his young high school career.

Last year he was a member of the Kittitas Coyotes, where he teamed up with Gonzaga commit Brock Ravet.

Landdeck accomplished a lot in his sole season with the Coyotes.

He would leave the program with a first team all league award and a state championship ring.

For most of his life, Landdeck has lived in Cashmere, Washington. After one year in Kittitas, the Lanndeck family decided to move back to their hometown.

The decision has proven to be wonderful so far. There’s not a school in the entire state that is having the same level of success in basketball as Cashmere is having.

As great of a run this is for the boys basketball team, the girls team led by Hailey Van Lith is number one in multiple state rankings.

Landdeck gave his thoughts on the changing basketball culture at Cashmere.

“It all starts at the top with the coaching,” Landdeck said. “We also have a great generation of players coming up through the system.”

One might chalk up Landdeck’s torrid start to the age old excuse of ‘weak competition.’ This is unfair and simply not the case.

At the one-third mark of the season, Landdeck and the Bulldogs have already beaten up a pair of 4A teams in Eastmont and West Valley.

They also defeated 2A Ephrata, and went over perennial contenders Okanogan and Omak, respectively.

There’s no such thing as the next Brock Ravet or Elijah Pepper (Selah). But if you’re looking for the next player that can step into the spotlight, Landdeck may be it.

“Hopefully I can be a D1 prospect like those guys,” Landdeck said. “When I worked out with Brock, he would show me some stuff.”

Don’t let Landdeck’s high point totals define how you see him as a player. He works year round to be a ‘five tool’ point guard.

Other features of his game are his high motor (he almost never comes out), and getting his teammates involved on almost every play.

He possesses a lanky six foot stature with long arms; Implying he should grow into his frame over the next few years.

No one expects the recruiting front to be white hot when you’re still a sophomore, but Landdeck ever so slightly has started to move the needle.

Division I University of San Francisco has already reached out to him, although he admits talks have been light.

This is a player worth keeping on your radar going forward. Don’t be surprised if Landdeck makes a scene at the SunDome come March.

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