Robots have been around in the workplace for quite a while, usually in manufacturing facilities. But, robots doing the “everyday jobs” that aren’t considered all that dangerous were still really only seen on TV and in news stories. It has been getting closer and closer every year. In 2019, I encountered a custodian robot going up and down the aisles at our local Walmart. Well, this past weekend, I saw one delivering a lunch plate!

My wife and I enjoy eating out at a plethora of establishments, Famous Dave’s, Red Robin, Miners, Outback, and Olive Garden (to name a few), but it was our visit to Bob’s Burgers & Brew this past Saturday that made me do a double take!

Sitting in the bar (not drinking, so I know I wasn’t drunk when I saw it), almost done with my meal, I hear a weird beeping noise. I look to my left and see an odd-looking white shelf moving. It seemed like many in the bar were curious about, not what it was, but when did Bob’s started using it. The staff laughed and mentioned how it’s been helping them out, and its name is Rosie (I assume from the Jetsons cartoon, after all, that’s where I got the named for my Roomba).

The server took the plates from the robot, and it proceeded to beep back to the kitchen, stopping for one gentleman. So, I can honestly say that the robot was better mannered than a couple of kids in the waiting area. Here’s my video:

I’m torn on the subject of robots in these settings. It seems like every place is looking for workers, so why not? But I’ve also seen too many doom-and-gloom sci-fi movies with the upcoming robot apocalypse. Just think, if Sarah Connor had been shanked by one of these types of robots in the diner she worked at in the first Terminator movie, that could have been the end of everything!

What are your thoughts on these types of robots growing in the workforce? Tap the App and let us know!

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