You don't have to like cannabis to know it's impact on America.

Recreational Use of marijuana has been legal in Washington State since 2012, with medicinal use being legal back in 1998.

How about Oregon though? Oregon has had Recreational use of Marijuana since 2014.

With only a two-year difference in legalization, how do these sister states compare?

"It's been nearly a decade since Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, but oversupply, wavering demand and steep taxes have placed sustainability out of reach for some cannabis growers and retailers." Source

and for Washington State:

Aric Mayer, founder of the PNW-based research group Physis + Agency, says

"Right now, Seattle isn't necessarily a 'weed city' but a city that has weed," - Source

Ok, but Seattle isn't Washington State...


"In 2021, approximately 58 percent of adults surveyed in Washington said they had used cannabis at least once in their lifetime. Thirty percent reported using it within the last 30 days." - Source

We can only assume that number has risen in 3 years.


What are the hopes for the future of Marijuana?

"Marijuana growers and sellers have been hoping for federal legalization that would allow cannabis to be sold across state lines, to help increase sales, stabilize the market and ease banking restrictions." - Source

In conclusion, how do Washington and Oregon compare?

Until federal legalization is in full swing, it's hard to tell. You would think Seattle being a main city, that it would be crawling with dispensaries, but it in fact is not. While you have our neighbor state, Oregon who can't see to sell it fast enough.

And, now we know.


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