Spring Cleaning has either begun, or you are still thinking of how to tackle the mess.

How can we declutter your home without throwing away all those precious items?


But there are occasions where I load my rig with items to donate and then they just sit in my car until I finally decide to drive to the donation drop offs.


There are many items that are acceptable to donate, like clothes, shoes, handbags, but there is a big list of, "what you cannot donate."

Below is that list, make sure you aren't donating any of the following.

13 Items you Cannot Donate to the Goodwill

I know you may be wanting to rid of some of the items listed below, but don't. Know before you go!

Gallery Credit: Aly

For the full "official list" of items you cannot donate and items you Can donate, click the link below.

Goodwill Donation Guidelines and Accepted Items (goodwillsew.com)


If you are looking to make some money off of items, I highly recommend Facebook Marketplace.

You can set your price and let the shoppers find you! I have bought and sold many items from Facebook Marketplace and let me tell you, the items (like a table for behind my couch) are in pristine condition and I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg! Like I said, Highly recommend!

How do you spring clean?

One room at a time? Multiple? I'm one of those "clean every room at the same time" sort of gal. I'll start cleaning one room, find an item that belongs in a different room, go to put it in there and start cleaning that room. Eventually I look around and have discovered I cleaned everything.


27 Items You Can Donate To Goodwill & Other Charities Around The Twin Ports

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Wow! Best Life Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Time to deep clean our space. We put together a list of spring-cleaning life hacks to help keep Billings green, and your life decluttered.  

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7 Places In A Home That Are Overlooked When Cleaning

Cleaning for some people is not one of their favorite things to do, you won't believe some of the places that are often forgotten during your everyday cleaning task.

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