SEATTLE (AP) — Washington co-defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake will make a guaranteed $1.1 million under his new contract with the school.

Lake saw the biggest salary increase from last year, part of the agreement that includes him taking on duties as Washington's primary defensive play caller beginning in 2018. Lake was one of the biggest targets among assistant coaches in recent seasons, turning down offers from a number of big programs around the country.

Lake's deal goes through the 2020 season and has buyout language that makes it unlikely he would leave Washington for another defensive coordinator position.

Fellow co-defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski also received a raise to $900,000 for the upcoming season and his contract includes increases to a guaranteed $1 million in 2020. Kwiatkowski had been Washington's primary play caller on defense but gave up those duties this offseason in an effort to keep Lake from leaving.

New Washington offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan will earn $700,000 for the 2018 season as part of his three-year deal.

Hamdan returned to Washington after spending last season as the quarterbacks coach for the Atlanta Falcons. His contract is the same as that of former offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith, who took over as head coach at Oregon State in the offseason.

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