In a virtual video press conference yesterday (Aug. 4), former Washington State Cougars quarterback Gardner Minshew made a hilarious comment on avoiding COVID-19.

Minshew, a second-year signal caller for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, was placed on the club's reserve/COVID-19 list on Sunday (Aug. 2) but was back on the active roster after less than one day in quarantine after it was determined that he indeed had NOT contracted the virus despite being in close contact with teammates that tested positive.

Here's the transcript of his theory, in his inimitable fashion, just how he thinks he avoided contracting the novel coronavirus:

"It was brutal, dude. Like, yesterday would have been like the first day of school, you know. Had my outfit picked out and everything, had to stay at home. That sucked, missed out on playing with all my friends. But yeah, did not contract the virus. Took one look at me and ran the other way. It was probably in its best interests, so here we are, we're back on Tuesday ready to roll, excited to go play some football."

Minshew, who is expected to be named the team's starter if and when the season gets underway, has always had a flair for the quirky and unexpected. He likely would have gotten along swimmingly with Cougs new head coach Nick Rolovich as much as he did with the pirate-loving coach that preceded, Mike Leach.

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