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A.C. Davis High and Eastern Washington University grad Cooper Kupp is entering his fourth season in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams.
Kupp, and the Rams, both made a pretty big change when it comes to their game day wardrobe heading in to the 2020 (hopefully!) season.

The Yakima native announce he will be switching jersey numbers from #18 to #10. Ten was the number he wore while playing college football for the Eagles in Cheney, WA. He picked 10 in college as an extension of the #1 that he wore when playing for the Pirates in Yakima. (See them in the photo gallery above).

The always classy Kupp is also offering something of a jersey swap program for those that bought a #18 jersey. If you can provide proof of purchase and send it to him, his wife will repurpose the old jersey. Kupp will send each person that participates will get a personal message and autograph from Kupp.

Good timing on his part as the Rams just unveiled an entirely different scheme for their unis.

The team's iconic horn logo has been altered as well.

Kupp is part of a growing trend of NFL receivers choosing to take numbers between 10-19 as opposed to the more traditional numbers in the 80s.
Click here to find out why in a column published on ESPN.com.

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