**World dairy prices continued to inch up on New Zealand’s Global Dairy Trade auction, with aggregate prices moving up 0.9% today.

milkbusiness.com reports this is the sixth consecutive twice-monthly auction that dairy prices have moved upward.

Cheddar cheese climbed to $1.66/lb, up 2.9%. Skim milk powder was also up 2.8% to $1.17/lb, the highest level it has been in quite some time.

U.S. prices remain competitive for cheddar, Skim Milk and lactose. U.S. butter and whole milk powder are still trading at a premium to world prices.

**“Farting cows” have been the buzz on social media after the Green New Deal was announced. Many are taking the opportunity to have a laugh by sharing MEMEs and cartoons about the controversial legislative, non-binding proposal.

The term “farting cows” started floating around after a FAQ sheet was released that mentioned the difficulty in getting “rid of farting cows” to reach zero emissions goals.

President Trump took a jab at the idea of not being able to “own cows anymore” during a recent rally.

**USDA finalized the standards for mandatory “GMO” labeling in December by releasing by releasing the “National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.”

The NBFDS establishes the rules for disclosing which foods in the U.S. have been or may have been bioengineered and is enforced by the Agricultural Marketing Service.

GMO Answers is a resource that explains the new guidelines, and what consumers need to know.

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