Minshew Mania is back on the menu, and Minshew Maniacs who invest their first-round pick on the Mississipi Moustache in their fantasy football draft could get some free beer for their commitment.

Look, I'm no fantasy football expert but I do know this: you never, ever spend your first-round pick on a quarterback. I don't care if it's Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson. The last time I drafted a QB in the first round was 2007. That QB was Tom Brady, who went on to break the single-season passing touchdowns record. I went undefeated until the first round of the playoffs. Brutal.

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Bud Light knows savvy fantasy football GMs are selective with that precious first draft choice, that's why they're giving the wild cards that pick Gardner Minshew with their first-round pick a chance to win a case of beer. If, by the grace of Johnny Unitas, you win your fantasy football league championship with Minshew as your starting quarterback; you could win free Bud Light for a whole season.

Of course, just saying "Hey, I drafted that Uncle Rico Florida Man" won't cut it. You have to take a screenshot when you draft Minshew and tag it with #BudLightMinshewDraft and #Sweepstakes.

Just to put it into perspective for you, Gardner's own high school friends didn't draft him in their fantasy league. Neither did Minshew himself, who was in the same league.

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