As children, didn't we all love the idea of having our own treehouse? On top of that, CAMPING OUT in that treehouse?!?! Well, as an adult, your childhood fantasy can become a reality right here in Washington!

Recently, I stumbled across a super-cool website called that features fantastic hidden gems around the country. This hard-to-believe treehouse located just 10 minutes outside of Redmond, WA rents out for $415 a night and, for me, it looks to be worth every penny!

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, travel and vacations have come to a screeching halt. As I approach my 50th birthday in December, my wife asked me if I wanted to take a trip somewhere. Vegas? Cabo San Lucas? After seeing these pictures of this place -- built in 2017 -- I think I might now know where!

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You can rent it through the website. According to the description, "Featured on Treehouse Masters, this magical retreat was built by Pete Nelson in 2017.

The glowing wood interior and many windows extend from floor to soaring ceiling inside this cozy yet luxurious treehouse. Tucked away on 30 forested acres, the airy interior is comfortably furnished and bursting with natural light.

Equipped with an outdoor hot shower, Wi-Fi, a 100” screen/projector, and hot tub, here you can truly get away from it all among lush evergreens just 10 minutes from Redmond."

Check it out:

Treehouse in Redmond is the stuff of childhood fantasies


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