I stopped by a store early morning on October 1st and heard a new question I haven't heard in Yakima. The cashier asked, "would you like to purchase our bags for 8 cents each?" I never did get in the habit of bringing my own bags like many do as I re-use the plastic bags for many things.

Different stores seem to vary in price. I've seen 8 cents, another store had 10 cents for paper, 15 cents for plastic. Just depends on where you shop.

What I did appreciate was the plastic was a very sturdy, more durable bag than ever before. Of course I'll buy that for 8 cents. If they offered that early, the cheap plastic bags for free for the better, durable ones for 8 cents I'd opt for those every time.

I'm frequently in Seatle where they'd have a ban on plastic bags for a while now and, again, it's a non-issue. Easy to avoid if you just bring your own bags. I just need to get into the habit of doing that in the first place.

Next time you're at a local grocery store, remember to bring your bags or pay a premium for some bags to use.

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