Hey Seattle Seahawks Fans, We Root for Cooper Kupp No Matter What!

(And here’s why.)

🏈 Are You Ready for Some Football?

Get ready for next month’s Seahawks-Rams Shakedown. It will feature guest appearances by Blitz the Seahawk and Yakima’s own, Cooper Kupp. This game will be a big one for football fans in Washington state, particularly ones living in Yakima. So Seahawks fans, listen up: we root for Cooper Kupp, no matter what!

Rams Wide Receiver, Cooper Kupp, hails from Yakima, so many of the 12th Man Seahawks stans will be cheering on the game either way.

🏈Cooper Kupp, Yakima, WA Hometown Hero

Yakima, WA Native Cooper Kupp Wins Super Bowl MVP in 2021
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I’m old enough to remember when somebody put up a “Cooper Kupp Country” sign over the “Yakima: The Palms Springs of Washington” sign.

"Kupp Country" Sign over the Yakima: The Palm Springs of Washington sign
Reesha Cosby via Facebook

The week after Kupp won the Super Bowl MVP award in 2021, I remember my own coworkers trying to talk me out of begging our Mayor to get the City Council to declare a national city holiday for Kupp so that kids could get out of school, adults could get out of work, and the tiny town of Yakima could host a big parade downtown in his honor.



  • Grandfather Jake Kupp, (G-Pa Jake), was born in Sunnyside, WA.

  • Jake gets a football scholarship to play at the University of WA.

  • Jake gets recruited to play for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Atlanta

  • Falcons, and the New Orleans Saints (he is a Saints Hall of Famer).

Jake Kupp New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame
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  • Jake moves back to Washington.

  • Jake has a son named Craig.

  • Craig graduates Selah High School and gets a football scholarship and plays football in college.

  • Craig gets recruited to the New York Giants, Phoenix Cardinals, and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Craig moves back to Washington and raises his family.

The Sports Network 27th Annual FCS Awards Presentation
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  • Craig has sons named Cooper and Ketner.

  • Cooper graduates from Davis High School and plays football at Eastern Washington University.

  • Cooper gets recruited to play for the Los Angeles Rams.

  • Cooper wins Super Bowl MVP in 2021.

  • Reesha tries to get the Yakima mayor to declare a national city holiday so they can have a big parade.

  • Coworkers shut that idea down. Boo.

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The Los Angeles Rams play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, November 17th. The game begins at 1:25 p.m. at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Get tickets here.

The Rams are considered the underdogs against the Seahawks, so this game outta be good!


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