Does anything taste better than a hot dog smothered with all the fixin's and washed down with a cup of suds while taking in a game at the baseball park?  I submit that it's highly doubtful and, with the 2021 Yakima Valley Pippins season still on schedule to begin on June 4th, that simple pleasure in life will taste sweeter than ever after not having the chance to do that in the year that was 2020.

Even better? The Pippins are going to make it even easier than ever this year all while observing coronavirus protocols.

In a press release dated Thursday, March 11th, Yakima Valley Pippins General Manager Jeff Garretson announced the team's partnership with a new technology platform called FanFood that allows fans to peruse the ballpark menu and order from their mobile device to help provide contactless concession pickup.

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The platform will allow fans to spend less time in lines waiting to order and receive all of the tasty ballpark treats and even make it possible to pay directly from their phone. As someone who hates to miss even a single pitch when taking in a game, the feature that I think I'll like the best is that, after placing an order, you can get a text message sent directly to you that notifies one when their order is filled and ready to be picked up!

Fans will still be allowed to order the old-fashioned way but, due to observing social distancing, long lines will not be allowed when purchasing food and beverages.

Even better than THAT?!?! For an extra surcharge, you can have your entire order delivered directly to you and never have to leave your seat! No, this isn't Iowa -- this IS heaven!

Let's face it, even the least tech savvy of us have been virtually forced to learn how to shop, order and eat by utilizing mobile technology so why not bring that type of platform to our National Pastime?

I can hardly wait to hear the ump screech, "Play ball!" for the first time in almost two years and can already taste the salty peanuts, sunflower seeds and popcorn on my lips that I'll chase down with a cold beer -- all with just a few button pushes on my smartphone!

The Pippins are scheduled to open their seventh West Coast League (WCL) season at Yakima County Stadium on June 4. Tickets are on sale now. Call the Pippins office at 509-575-4487 for more info.

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