Toilet paper and bottled water are selling out at Costco Wholesale stores all around the country including here in Yakima. Costco officials tell KIT News the store at 2310 Longfibre Road in Union Gap has seen big crowds lately and many people are stocking up on supplies concerned about the coronavirus. In fact the Union Gap store is currently sold out of Kirkland brand bath tissue and all bottled water.
There's also a local push to buy hand sanitizer that's sold out in many stores around Yakima.
Websites for Costco and Target have tagged products like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and all-purpose cleaner as "out of stock." Amazon is also out of stock of many of the same products. But the stores and the online retailers are restocking as more supplies are being shipped into the area and are available online.
Yakima health professionals says there's no need to panic and begin hording food, toilet paper or hand cleaner.

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