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We know you. You're the guy who's decided to beat the January rush to get back in shape after overindulging in the HalloThanksMas holiday season. You're planning to overindulge in the next few weeks, aren't you? And you're already plotting how you can earn some absolution by hitting the gym that much harder in January ... or maybe by upping your fitness routine right away.

Hey, we don't judge.

Instead, we'll just say that with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other surefire holiday sales and deals coming up online and in stores, this might be a good time to consider a personal activity tracker. And we'll warn you right now that the choices of styles, features and price ranges can be dizzying, so it's probably wise to start with some product reviews.

From there, get straight on which of those features you'll really need. lists a number of factors to consider as you weigh your wearable fitness device choices. For example, would you wear your tracker only for workouts, or are you interested in monitoring your heart rate, daily step count and sleep patterns around the clock?

Look closely at screen readability, battery life -- and make sure you're getting something that can stand getting wet if you want to leave your device on in the pool or even during showers.

The long and short of it comes down to finding something that suits your lifestyle, meets your needs -- and doesn't leave your budget huffing and puffing.

Here's a quick look at a few popular options to get you started:

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