I don't know about you, but I get really annoyed when it's dusk or dawn and I see somebody driving around with no headlights on their vehicle. That's kind of against the law, you know! Now that the daylight hours are getting shorter in Washington state, I've noticed that we drivers need to get in the habit of turning our headlights on sooner for safer driving purposes. Nobody has any time for unnecessary car wrecks, amirite!

Do you know the current Washington state driving law when it comes to turning on your car's headlights?

Headlight Law in WA State Featured

The Washington State Highway Patrol found a cool way to remind us of what the law says about when we are required to turn on those car headlights. They took to Twitter and made a trivia question out of it using the "poll" function. It was so informative that the Yakima County Sheriff's Office retweeted it.

I like to think of this tweet as the TL;DR version of Washington state legislative law RCW 46.37.020.

When do you need to have your headlights activated?

A) Half hour before sunset to half hour after sunrise, or

B) Half hour after sunset to half hour before sunrise.

(Hint: RCW 46.37.020) - Washington State Highway Patrol
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When Do You Need to Have Your Headlights Turned on in Washington?

The correct answer is B: half hour after sunset until a half hour before sunrise. The fact that over 70% of the people who took this poll were wrong tells you a bunch of people don't know when you should turn on your headlights in Washington state!

On another note, sometimes I wish I had brighter headlights on my car. It gets difficult to see the painted lines on the road once they fade away. Now, I dont like to wish anyone ill-will, but the folks in Washington driving around in their cars and trucks with those super bright white or bright fluorescent blue LED lights (you know exactly what I'm talking about), they can go step on some kid's Legos barefooted in a long hallway in the middle of the night! Those lights are so ultra bright that they make my eyes wince whilst I'm driving. There outta be a law against that!

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