Like you, I'm a 12.  I LOVE watching the Seahawks play.  I typically only make it to one or two home games a season.  So I'd consider myself an average fan.  I've always hated those London games because there is so much travel involved for the teams, the game is played at like 6am our time and I think it is just a waste.  When I first heard the Seahawks would be playing in London, I HATED the idea.  But then it hit me, 'why not go London and watch them'?!  I've always wanted to visit London.  Seems like a win/win.  So I priced it out, and it's reasonably priced...  even the airfare!   Check it out.

Roundtrip airfare on Norwegian Airlines is only $564.  This is ROUNDTRIP and a direct flight!



So that flight takes you into the London-Gatwick airport which is about an hour away from the stadium the game will be played in.

screenshot/google maps


Hotel?  Decently priced around $85-$100 a night.



Game Tickets?  According to Wikipedia "Tickets sell for around $130 on average, compared to $86 in the U.S"

If you want tickets, you can click here to "register your interest" and they will notify you when tickets go on sale.


Have fun!