**President Trump has promised Wisconsin dairy farmers the administration will resolve trade inequities with Canada.

Trump made his first comments condemning Canadian dairy trade policies during a stop in Wisconsin last week.

In a letter to the President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo say Canada blatantly violated international trade agreements and shut down a thriving U.S. ultra-filtered milk market.

Canadian dairy officials say the oversupply of milk is a U.S. problem, and their supply management system should be protected.

**Japan might try to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal without the United States.

One of President Trump’s first official acts was to withdraw the U.S. from the deal estimated to be worth more than $4 billion to U.S. agriculture.

A TPP ministers meeting is to be held in Vietnam next month to consider ways an 11-member agreement can be finalized.

It would reportedly require member countries to settle on a revision to exclude the U.S., but for some countries, that means reopening the deal to renegotiation.

**The CEO of Growth Energy wants consumers to know ethanol is an Earth-friendly biofuel.

In tribute to Earth Day on Saturday, Emily Skor says anyone who wants to be eco-conscious should use gasoline blended with corn-based ethanol.

Skor says she believes telling millennials that ethanol cuts greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half is something they will respond to.

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