Chief Ag negotiator for the office of US Trade, Representative Darci Vetter wants the playing field with China leveled for American farmers.

The Obama Administration has accused China of failing to meet its World Trade Organization market access commitments for rice, wheat, and corn and recently issued a trade enforcement challenge.

Vetter says the amount China was spending on those subsidies exceeded its commitment by $100-billion-dollars in 2015.

This is China’s fifteenth trade enforcement challenge at the WTO since 2009.

Add one more name to the list of possible Ag Secretary choices.

Former Texas Ag Commissioner and State Comptroller, Susan Combs interviewed with Vice President-elect Mike Pence for that or another possible role in the Trump administration.

Combs, who grew up on a west Texas ranch, served two terms as Ag Commissioner and two more as Comptroller, one of Texas’ most powerful elected positions.


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