My former general manager, Cheryl Salomone, and I have had a lengthy series of wagers over the years betting on the outcome of Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees.


Sometimes you're the windshield, like the time she had to settle up by tying a bow on a wild goat's tail at the Central Washington State Fair in front of the rodeo crowd while wearing my beloved Mariners jersey complete with my last name on the back of it.

And sometimes you're the bug...


Like the time I had to set fire to my prized "Yankees Suck" t-shirt live on the air!
At least my former morning show partner Andy Winford was as enterprising as he was unsympathetic and was able to make a batch of S'mores!
Here's the video of that sad day:

I did eventually exact some revenge when I challenged her to take the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge", however.

I believe the genesis of coming up with new and creative ways to shame and publicly humiliate the losing bettor started when I was forced to hold up a handmade sign extolling the virtues of the Yankees on the corner of 40th & Summitview.


As the 2017 regular season came to a close and, for the 16th straight year the M's missed the playoffs while the Yankees advanced in pursuit of their 28th World Series championship, I received this in the mail from my old friend: A black t-shirt with the Nike and interlocked "NY" logos that says, "Yankees - Just hate us".
Go (Whoever is playing the Yankees)!!!

TSM/Kelly West