Have a 'Man Cave" or a 'She Shed' that you'd like to show off to everyone in the Yakima Valley and Central Washington? Here's your chance (without having to let hundreds of people traipse through your house!)

A few weeks ago, I gave you a peek into my collection of sports memorabilia that I am (still!) working on properly displaying - my very own 'Man Cave', if you will.

I pitched the idea of showing it off with hopes of seeing what others, maybe like yourself, have to KIMA-TV Sports Director Alan Sillence.

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He liked the idea and came out to our house on Saturday, April 24 to film my progress thus far. He also shot some footage of Drew's (my son) bedroom as well which is a much more finished product than mine.

I hope you get a kick out of seeing it as much as I have had culling it over the last four decades.

If you want to show off your collection proving your fandom, simply take a snap and send your picture to sportsguy@kimatv.com. I'm quite sure Alan, and I, would love to see what you are passionate about!

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