It's time to go Christmas shopping for kids in the Yakima Valley.
The U.S. Marines and the Salvation Army in Yakima are hoping you'll go shopping for a new toy this year to donate to the Marines Toys For Tots program.

Collection boxes are now appearing in many places in the community

Collection boxes are now being distributed around the community to stores and local businesses in hopes of gathering thousands of toys that could be in short supply this year because of the shipping container backup at US Ports. Lisa Sargent, Community Relations & Outreach Program Manager for the Salvation Army in Yakima says they hope to fill the Toys For Tots boxes in the community by December 5. Sargent says you can drop off the new unwrapped toys in any Toys For Tots Box located in the community. KIT has two in the lobby at 4010 Summitview.

You can also donate cash to be used to buy items for older kids

You also have the option of dropping off a toy or cash at the Salvation Army office at 310 North 16th Avenue in Yakima.
If you do go shopping Sargent says don't forget about older kids and teens who hope for gift cards, electronics or other gifts that fit that age bracket.
Sargent says all the toys will be distributed to families in mid December but families need to sign up now if they want toys from the program.

You can sign up Today

There's no requirements other than to sign up. If you live in Yakima you can sign up now at
If you live in the lower Yakima Valley you need to contact the Grandview Salvation Army office at (509) 882-2584.

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