Next Tuesday is election day 2021. Auditor Charles Ross says he expects 33 to 34 percent of the ballots to be returned.

Lots of resources to help you make the right choice

If you've waited until the last minute, you still have time to review candidate interviews at You'll find interviews with Yakima City Council candidates and candidates running for the Yakima School District. Auditor Charles Ross reminds voters to sign the ballot envelope and place it in the mail as soon as possible.
You don't need a stamp to send your ballot in the mail. You can also drop your ballot in a drop box. Drop boxes are located throughout the county including in city and town halls. To find a location of a drop box near you just click on the link

So far a low 14% have been returned

Ross says his office sent out 128,423 ballots to registered voters in the county. So far 18,683 or 14.69% of ballots have been returned to the Yakima County Auditors Office. Your ballot is due on election day November 2. Ross says he expects 34% of the ballots sent to voters to be returned by election day.

It'll be a busy ballot depending on where you live

If you are looking for information about candidates and issues all registered voters were sent both local and state voter guides.

Depending upon where you live it’ll be a busy ballot with city and county elections as well as propositions in Selah and Yakima. In Yakima city council seats are open in District 2, 4 and 6. A seat on the Yakima County Commission is up for election as well.
KIT candidate interviews of city council candidates are available on the KIT website at

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