Lonzo Ball's new sneaker line under his family's Big Baller Brand is still brewing up controversy with its high price range, but The Game is here to try and ease up financial burden for some lucky sneaker heads. The Compton rapper recently posted to Instagram about the shoe brand, calling out those who were complaining about the price of the sneaker from the former UCLA basketball star.

"Just bought my son @hvrlemtaylor & a few of his friends the "Lonzo @zo Ball's" #Z02 kicks just on the pure fact that I've spent over a million dollars, shit probably more on Nike's, Jordan's & other big name sneaker brands in my lifetime so why not support a family brand & a rising stars shoe," the Compton rapper wrote on IG. "Funny how niggas will go & buy Gucci flip flops for $300-400 with no complaints but then complain & bitch when a kid & his family is making a name for themselves & trying to grow their own brand..... I also think about all these $500 duplicate Jordans niggas out here going broke & dying over just trying to keep up with Jones's."

Game also mentioned Michael Jordan and his Jordan brand sneakers, speaking candidly on his thoughts of how the veteran hooper doesn't give back to the black community.

"While MJ, as much as I love & support him & his legacy ain't really ever did much for the black community other then tax our mothafuckin' ass for the same shoes over & over as well as charge these kids parents hella money to get in these camps. & again, no hate... MJ is MJ but today I chose to support @Zo & his family.... fuck how anybody feel about it... keep making memes if that's all yo broke hatin ass can do..... maybe sometimes, people need to delete the meme app off they phone & start creating their own legacy instead of picking apart someone else's....." wrote Game.

The 1992 MC then revealed he's going to buy 10 more pairs of the Lonzo Ball sneakers, which he will be giving away to 10 kids who have parents that aren't able to afford them on behalf of his Robin Hood Project.

"I will also be buying 10 more pair of @Zo's kicks for 10 kids who's parents can't afford them..... on behalf of myself & @therobinhoodproject #DatWay #TheRobinHoodProject #BigBallerBrand #itAintTrickinIfYouGotIt," explained The Game.

This isn't the first time The Game has given back to the kids and his community. The rapper has done a slew of good deeds in his community over the years.

Read his IG post below.

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