Football season is in the air!  Time to join a fantasy league (AND make sure to join our Pro Football Pick ‘Em contest!)

Whether or not your team does any good doesn’t matter as long as your team’s NAME is better than the rest of the lame-o’s in your league!

I've compiled a list of some of the best (worst?) that you are welcome to steal! Good luck this season!

Jamaal Charles in Charge
Lacy in Your Facey
Lynch Mob
My Favorite Marshawn
Beastie Boys Mode
And He Shall Be Le’Veon, and He Shall Be a Good Man
Le’Veon on a Prayer
Hell’s Le’veon Bells
Gronkey Punch
The Big Gronkowski
Eat, Drink and Demaryius
Demore Demaryius
Demaryius, Father of Dragons
The Brady Bunch
Tom Brady’s Soft Balls
Chronic Masterdeflator
Odell’s Kitchen
Odell’s Bells
Frosted Flaccos
Joiquing Off
Let’s Hear It For McCoy!
The Real McCoy
McCoy George
Dez-ed and Confused
Dez Nuts
Jeremy Hill Spoke in Class Today
Ron Jeremy’s Hills
Over the Jeremy Hill
Take ‘em to the Woodhead
Dez Dispenser
Jordy Nelson Mandelas
North Dallas Jordy
Jordy is the New Jirty
Forte-Yard Dash
The Forte-Year-Old Virgin
A.J.’s Better Than a BJ
A.J. + A.P. = GOAT! OMG! LOL!
C.J.’s Better Than a BJ
C.J. Andersons of the Harpy
Winning is My Forte
Edward Forte-Hands
Maclin on Your Girl
Horton Hears a Julio
The Devil in Julio Jones
Domo Arigato, Marcus Mariota
Insane Clowney Posse
Yo Adrian, I Did It!
Rage Against Vereen
Megatron’s Decepticons
Calvin and Cobb
Calvin and the Chipmunks
What the Luck!?!
Two-Buck Luck
Getting Lucky In Kentucky
I Now Pronounce You Luck and Larry
Up All Night to Get Lucky!
May the Forsett Be With You
Game, Forsett, Match
Singing Tele-Ingram
Vick & Decker
Vick in a Box
Alfred Morris the Cat
Tickle Me Al-Mo
My Ball Zach Ertz
Breezes King of the Drews
Mr. Rodgers’ NeighborhooD
All Dogs Go to Mike Evans
Stairway to Evans
T.Y.? Because We Like You. H-I-L-T-O-N
Hippety- Hopkins
Magic Mike XXL Evans
Multiple Goregasms
Hard Gore Porn
Kelvin and Cobbs
It’s All About Kelvin Benjamin
The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Touchdowns
The Big Tebowski
Cameron, Artis and Payne: The New Law Firm
Rain Graham
Candy Graham For Mongo!
Jimmy Graham-ma’s Boy
Principal Yeldon and Bayside High
T.J. Hooker Yeldon
Russell Wilson’s Volleyball Wilson
Everyday I’m Russellin’
Hustle and Russell
Russell’s Love Muscles
Gronkytonk Man
Keep Calm Gronk On
Medulla Amendola
Ladies and Edelman
Lamar MillerTime! – Plays Great! Less Fumbles!
Spicy Cooks in New Orleans
Duck Rodgers in the 24-1/2th Century
Emmanuel Sanders in Bangkok
Enter SandersMan
He Loves the Cooks!
Cajun Cooks Alshon Joffrey
J-Stewie Griffin
You Sankeyd my Battleship
Commissioner Melvin Gordon
MG3 > RG3
OctLatavius Murray
Eat, Drink and D. Murray!
DeMarco DePolo
The Goodell, Bad, and Ugly
Manziel in Distress
Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
Peyton Old Manning
Kelce’s Heroes
Kelce’s Grammar
Gurley Man
Runs Like a Gurley
Hurley Gurley
Uncle Sammy Wants You
Samwell Tarley Watkins
Spiller Madison
The Amityville Agholor
Wilfork For Money
Jay Marriage
Stafford Loans
Stafford Infection
90210′s Torrey Spelling
‘Cause This is Spiller— SpillerNight!
Look Kids, Big Ben, Parliament
Favre-Dollar Foot Long
Favre Finger Death Punch
Make It Dwayne On Them Bowes
Somewhere Over The Dwayne Bowe
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
The Playbook of Eli
Me & Julio Down by the End Zone
Mo’ Manning, Mo’ Problems
Lord, Have Percy
Percy Whipped
Golden Taint
Golden Tate Bridge
Golden Tate Showers
Arian the Hendersons
Arian Nation
Troubled Bridgewaters
Jameis Winston, of House Lannister
Jameis’ Crab Shack
Matty Ice, Ice, Baby
Lewinsky Loves Clinton Dix
Drew Brees, Makes Me Feel Fine
Wham! Bam! Thank You, Cam!
Martin Scores-Easy
Turn Down for Watt
That’s Amari!
Hangin’ With Amari Cooper
Kaepernick-Knack Paddywack Give a Dog a Boldin
The Boldin The Beautiful
Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Geno 911
Dr. Jekyll and Carlos Hyde
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hyde
LeGarrette’s Blunt
Kevin White Walkers
Honkytonk Gronk
The Barnidge Family
Bend It Like Green-Beckham
The Gurley Gates
Neon Dion
Blue Ajayis
Jay Ajayi Pride
Duke Johnson of Hazzard
Duke of Gurley
T.J. Well Done
Ameer Abdullah Oblongata
Allen & Allen
Hurns So Good
And Hurns to You, Allen Robinson
Johnny Manzier Zeke Squad
The Zeke-a Virus
Amari 2600
Jamaal About That Base
Make America Gronk Again!
Great Rawls of Fire!
Rawls of Fury
Rawls of Fame
Rock ‘n’ Rawls
From A to Zeke
EZ-E and Run DMC
Goff and Running
Goff Rawls
From Wentz You Came
Wentz Upon a Time
Wentz, Twice – Three Times a Lady
Fusilli Jerry Jones
It Hurns When I Pee
Hot Lockett
Ladies and Edelman
Devante’s Inferno
Schweddy Rawls
The Walking Dez
Romo and Michele’s High School Reunion
Jon Voight’s Derek Carr
Game of Jones
Dak in a Box
Hello, Newton!
The Van Buren Brees
Julio Let the Dogs Out
Rebel Yeldons
TIttsburgh Feelers
Manning Hands
The Dingo Ate Your Brady
All I Do is Winston, Winston, Winston!
Frank Gorestanza
The Force (Kamar) Aikens
Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?
Carr-ma’s a Bitch
Devonta Make Out?
The Devonta Wears Prada
The Seven-Year Barnidge
EzE Duz It
Wentzof War
Some Players Have Coin, But I Have Laquon
The Doctson is In
Regarding Derrick Henry
Praise the Jordy
Upper Deckers
Discount Belichick
Le’Veondelay Industries
Hyde and Go Luck Yourself
These Pretzels Are Maclin Me Thirsty
Demaryius Targaryen
Here’s My Number, Call Me Brady
Dirty Landry
Almost Jameis
A Gurley Has No Name
Golden Tate Warriors
When the Le'Veon Breaks
Le'Veon la Vida Loca
Julio Think You Are?
Goff Balls
My TE Ertz When Eifert
Fatt Morte
Drinkin' Fortes
Forte Shades of Grey
San Francisco 4th & 9ers
Stairway to Evans
Knockin' on Evans Door
Gurley Things
2 Gurley's 1 Cup
Runs Like a Gurley
A Zeke Outlook
All About That Bosa
Forte inch Ditka
Inglourious Bradfords
Chronic Masterdeflater
Check My Balls
Discount Belichick
Yo Belichick Yo Self
Super Mario-ta
Marcus Mari...otto
JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team
The JPP Fireworks Incident
You Down With JPP?
Hernandez Hit Men
You Kaepernick the Future
Erect Dicker
Show Me Your TDs
Multiple Goregasms
Backfields and McCoys
Inglorious Staffords
Montee Can Buy you Happiness
My Percy’s on Broadway
In a Van Down by the Rivers
Cry Me a Rivers
Pitch a Trent
50 Trent
Drake's New Favorite Team
Mount Douchemore
Waka Flacco Flame
U Mad Bro?
Kyle Rudolph Reindeer
Trolling Crabtree
Kung Suh Panda
Suh Girls, One Cup
Boy Named Suh
It's a Hard Gronk Life
Party Like a Gronk Star
We Wilfork You
Wilfork Dance Party
Keyshawn Beliebs
No Money Manziel
Evil Empire
Revis' Vineyard
Bend it Like Beckham Jr.
Jay-Z's My Agent
Off to Tennessee the Whiz
Remember the Titans
Kissing Suzy Kolber
Smokin' Jay Cutler
Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers
Kaepernick Swag
Mannings' O-Face
Sherman's Last Rant
Gisele's Bundchens
Mr. UGG Boots
Brady Gaga
Luck Beat A Brady Tonight
Call Me the Brees
No Romo
80% Mental, 40% Physical
Laces Out
Show Me the Money
Big Ol' Bortles
Not Racist Redskins
Hard Knocks Life
Turn Your Head and Coughlin
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
It's Always Runny in Philadelphia
Crab-leg Bootleg
Makin' It DWayne
Luckness Monster
Up All Night to Get Luck-y
Red Hot Julius Peppers
Slow White Bronco

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