The latest movie based on the caped crusader, Batman will bring influence from Seattle rock legend Kurt Cobain. In a recent interview, director Matt Reeves stated he had 3 major influences in his latest film including Kurt.

The Batman features actor Robert Pattinson dawning the cape and cowl as he ventures out into Gotham night after night to finally be met with a rival who challenges not only his body but his will and mind.

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The Batman also features Paul Dano as the riddler which seems to be a type of Zodiac killer, a detective story with nonstop action from Batman. Director Matt Reeves said the origin of Batman has been done so many times that they needed to approach it from another direction

As far as the influence coming from Kurt Cobian, Bruce Wayne will be a recluse much like the Nirvana frontman Kurt. Where fame and fortune are at their mercy it's not something they're devoted to. Kurt Cobain stated he didn't wanna be famous he wanted to be an icon. Similar enough Bruce will be the same wanting to focus only on his mission of saving Gotham from criminals all the while being pushed to face the realities of his family's mistakes and the future of Bruce Wayne and not Batman.

More than likely this Bruce Wayne/Batman played by Robert Pattinson will have the same kind of characteristics as Kurt Cobian, hidden away from the public, shying away from parties and extravagant events. Instead of only being focused on being the Batman.

With approaching the origin of Batman differently it means we won't see the Wayne parents being killed outside the monarch theater, he stated: "It's been done too much, we knew we couldn't do that." Instead, the movie will take heavy influence from the Batman comic book "Year One" Where Batman stumbles and falls time after time while trying to take down the mob that controls Gotham City.

In that story, Bruce has yet to find himself as the dark knight, instead, he makes mistakes, fumbles to save lives while also struggling to follow his no-kill rule. In the new Batman movie, we'll watch Bruce Wayne struggle with his identity and truly become the Batman we know today. This movie is of course a setup for a larger Batman universe meaning things will change by the end of this movie as far as Batman's suit, riddlers' disguise, and the connections between other characters like Alfred and Commissioner Gordon.


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