Yakima's Franklin Pool closed out the 2016 swimming season Sunday (Aug. 28) by letting it go to the dogs. Literally.
Yakima Celebrates National Dog Day
It's National Dog Day and if your pooch is like mine there is nothing more they love than going to the dog park and smelling each others "business cards". So celebrate with them here is the Yakima Valley. Here are the 2 dog parks I could track down in the area...
It's Bark Week in Yakima!
You've heard of the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," right? Sure.
Well, here's Yakima's equivalent: Bark Week!
That's right, your dog can finally get off the couch and start earning his own keep by winning you some big-dog cash, courtesy of another…
Lions, Tigers and OUCH! Oh, My!
Fans of any team in any sport often lament injuries to key players for lack of on-field success in any given game or season. By the same token, we all know that injuries are "part of the game," so that argument usually doesn't fly too long.
This season though, the Detroit Lions may have a l…