Ivy League Experiment
A report that just came out that involves the Ivy League, kick-off line and concussion. They have seen a decrease in concussion injuries and increase in touchbacks.
NFL: Number of Injuries Down, Including Concussions
NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL says injuries decreased this season, including concussions.
Emphasizing that players are doing more self-reporting of head injuries, the NFL released data Thursday that show overall concussions for the preseason and regular season were down from 275 in 2015 to 244 in 201…
NFL acknowledges link between football, brain disease
On the contentious issue of concussions, the NFL has relented on a once-steadfast stance.
Yes, the league acknowledged publicly for the first time, there is a connection between football and the devastating brain disease known as CTE.
The NFL backed Tuesday the comments made at a congressional panel b…