Barring nothing goes wrong, and no other teams have to sit out due to covid, the Super bowl is February 13th. Whether you're there for the competition and love of the game, the headlining halftime show, or maybe just commercials.

We have five things that will make this a Super Bowl party for you and your friends to remember. Here are five things you can get in Yakima to make your party Legendary.

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5.) Second Street Grill Wings

Second Street grill located right on 2nd st in downtown Yakima is one of the hottest spots for beer, sports, and food. Now their Hot wings are on another level, wet, crunchy, savory, and cooked to perfection. Get a sizable order of these bad boys and watch your party go crazy about them!

4.) Bale Breaker Beer

Get a local and delicious beer for your Super Bowl party, not that I need to tell you that but Bale Breaker is by far the favorite choice around Yakima and with their ultimate variety pack with all their classic beers you can't go wrong. They offer to ship or you can head down to the brewery and grab it for yourself. Just $56 dollars and your whole party's taste buds are dancing with hoppy flavors!

3.) Gus's Pizza from Sportcenter

Right off of Yakima ave is hands down the best pizza in the Valley, Gus's pizza is reasonably priced, freshly made, and will keep everybody at your party full and impressed with your exquisite taste. No, seriously this is some fancy pizza!

2.) Kraken Rum

Celebrate some Super Bowl magic with Kraken Rum, no it's not hockey but they are the sponsor of our brand new NHL team the Seattle Kraken. Not only do they sponsor our team but the rum is absolutely delicious, blow away your friends and family with mixed drinks, shots you name it. This is an absolute go-to for any Washington sports fan.

1.) Sweets and Treats from Viera's Bakery

No party is complete without some sweets, so stop in at Viera's Bakery right off of lincoln ave next to Safeway is a shop that holds the most delicious sweets and treats for your party. Cookies, Doughnuts, Cakes and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Head on in and check out everything they have to offer and get an assortment for your party! This will guarantee your parties the talk of the town.


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