I don't have the chance to go to Naches, WA as much as I'd like so when I was invited to lunch at Sticky Fingers Bakery & Cafe, I jumped on the opportunity. I've heard about their homemade goods for a while, especially their cinnamon rolls. Here's a quick tour and how you can eat there for half price!


They serve breakfast any time of day so I ordered breakfast for lunch, their french toast which was made using homemade bread. Everything was wonderful! Super-large slices of french toast, the bacon was a really thick slab and cooked to perfection. I could barely eat everything on my plate. There were a few other items on the menu that I wanted to try so I'll save those for next time.

I'm a fan of homemade pizza and they were telling me that even their pizza is from scratch from making their own dough to making their own sauce. I'll definitely have to try that in the near future, too.

What caught my eye immediately, as does with everyone else in Naches, is their glass case when you first walk in filled with freshly made cinnamon rolls, english muffins, cookies, bread and so much more. The cinnamon rolls were gigantic! The largest I've seen. I had to take one of those home for later so I could share it with the rest of my family.

Seriously, Sticky Fingers Bakery & Cafe in Naches is worth the trip if you live in Yakima or even beyond. A nice drive and 100% worth it.